【Age】4 month

  (As of January 2020)


【Weight】6.3 kg


Zuri had been in a shelter for a while and a volunteer working there saw how sweet and gentle she is. During meal time, she will wait until all the dogs have finished eating before she goes to eat but by then, there’s not much food for her to eat and slowly she got skinner and skinner. The volunteer reached out to a rescuer and asked for help. After staying in the foster home for a couple months, Zuri is now healthy and has gained a few pounds! She's ready to find her furever family to cuddle every day!


Zuri is a playful girl who is great with dogs and loves to play with them. She is great with people and wants to give kisses and let people pet her! She is good with kids and will want to kiss them as well. She’s also good with strangers! Zuri loves food and is not food aggressive towards people or dogs. Though because she loves food so much that if you take your time prepping her dinner, she’ll bark to hurry you up. She's currently learning potty training and she knows to use the training pads indoors. She is fine with cats and she will sometimes go smell them gently. Zuri will grow to be medium sized when fully grown and she hope to start her journey with her furever family soon!