Zoey *Adopted*


【Age】10 months old

  (Est. born on Sept 15, 2018)


【Weight】10.8 kg


On April 12, 2019, at the intersection of a market, Zoey was seen running frantically around and almost got hit many times by cars but what was worse was she was running around with a broken right hind leg. Her rescuer saw and quickly rescued her. Zoey had surgery on April 16 and though it was a success, her right hind leg faces out slightly but doesn’t affect her running or walking! Zoey is very well-behaved, though she doesn't has microchip nor tattoo, the rescuer assume that Zoey was abandoned by her previous owner. For a month-time, the rescuer had reached several communities and postings online to find the owner with no luck. After two months of recuperation, Zoey is now fully-recovered, healthy and ready to find a family who is willing to commit to her as a family member!


Zoey is a playful pup who enjoys playing with other dogs. She’s great with her hooman and loves to snuggle up together for a nap. It’ll take some time for her to warm up to men but using treats is the best way to help her open up! Zoey is good with kids and will be a great companion for them. She loves to eat and is not food aggressive to people but slightly a little bit towards other dogs, but with time, she’ll learn that she’ll always have food! Zoey goes outside for potty and is good with baths. She’s not the fondest of cars so will take some time adjusting. She’s ok with cats and seems to be calm around cats.