Ziya  *Adopted*


【Age】6 months old

  (Born in May 2018)


【Weight】10 kg


In April 2018, the rescuers saw a pregnant dog wandering in the countryside. She was in bad shape and seemed so sick that no one would go near her. The rescuers tried to gain her trust and lure her with food to capture her. It was not easy because the mother dog was scared of people and wanted to protect her babies. She tried to bite the rescuers as they were approaching her. Fortunately, the rescuers gained her trust in the end and took good care of her, and welcomed nine healthy newborn puppies a few months later!


Ziya is a happy fellow who has a special fondness for the outdoors. He loves cuddling up to you for a good pet, and loves chasing after and playing with his dog friends! He loves rolling around on the grass, and likes doing his business on there too! Ziya enjoys going hiking on trails and has no problem finishing the hike himself. He is great with dogs of all sizes and has learned to be a follower of the group. Ziya is still a bit cautious and shy around strangers and it takes him some time and patience to warm up. He continues to undergo proper socialization and basic training. He walks find on a leash and gets along well with dogs he’s met for the first time! At his tender age, Ziya will blossom in a household with lots of love and one that knows to set boundaries for him. How could you resist those big, round, adorable puppy eyes? Send in your application if you think Ziya is the one for you and your family!​ Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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