Ziva    *Adopted*


【Age】Est. 1.5-2 years old

  (As at April 2019)


【Weight】14 kg


Ziva was abandoned in a shelter right after she gave birth to a litter of pups. A volunteer saw Ziva and how friendly she is to everyone and every dog, she decided to bring Ziva out of the shelte. Ziva stayed with a foster family for a few months and now she is ready to find her own permanent loving home!


Ziva has a great temperament. She is great with every dog in the foster home, in the park and even new furent that she just met on the walk. Ziva is friendly to everyone she met, including strangers that she just met. She is confident and loves to approach people for pettings and cuddles! Ziva especially loves kids and loves to play with them. Ziva is also good with cats that she won’t pay too much attention on them. Ziva is food-motivated, but she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other animals. Ziva is playful and energetic that she loves to do outdoor activities. Ziva will be a great companion for hiking/running during the day and cuddles at night at home! Ziva is housetrained and fully grown. One of the special things about Ziva is that she has an underbite, which makes her even more adorable!