Zilo *Adopted*

【Age】4 months old

  (Est. born on October 15, 2018)
【Weight】6.5 kg

A love dad was on his way to his normal stray feeding ground when the cutest three little pups came bouncing down the road towards him and started wanting pets from him. With them being so friendly to strangers, the love dad thought someone was taking care of them, but realized there's no one living around this area so there's a possibility that they were brought to the area and abandoned there. Leaving these wee puppies in the area was way too risky that they might got themselves hurt, so the love dad decided to take them home to foster them with the intention in finding permanent homes for them.   


Zilo loooves people and friendly to strangers as well. He loves to cuddle with people and loves to be petted. Zilo is outgoing and he is quite an explorer that he is always curious of his surroundings and loves to sniff around to figure out what are all these smells. He is playful and very friendly with other dogs in all sizes/ages. Zilo is great and playful with children. Zilo is nervous around cats and tends to stay away from them, so he will need slow introduction to adjust to family with cats. Zilo is food-motivated ad he doesn't guard his food/treats/toys against people, but he might growl at other dogs if they approach him while he is having his treat. Zilo will grow to be medium-sized and he will be an amazing companion for outdoor activities, social functions or just chilling and cuddle at home!