Zhanna  *Adopted*

【Age】8 months old

  (Est. born on March 2019)
【Weight】17 kg

Zhanna was abandoned near a fishing farm and was rescued by a love dad who ended up fostering her with the intention in finding her a permanent loving home!


Zhanna is a playful girl who likes people and loves playing with her doggie friends. When it comes to strangers, she’s a bit shy but will warm up faster when there’s treats or when other doggies are around. She is very playful and friendly in an environment that she’s familiar with though! She is good with kids and she can be playful with kids as well. Zhanna is a goofy girl once she warms up and she loves to shadow you everywhere to stay close with you! She will sometimes help by grabbing onto another dogs leash to help walk them. Zhanna walks well on a leash and she knows to stay close to her handler on the walks. Zhanna loves food and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs. She’s curious when it comes to cats and she will want to get close to sniff them. Zhanna grows a bit bigger than her peers at the same age and she will possibly grow to be medium-large side when fully grown. Zhanna will be a great partner for outdoor activities and a perfect companion to run with every day!