Yuri   *Adopted*

【Age】10.5 months old

  (Est. born in March 2018)
【Weight】12 kg

Yuri was rescued along with a group of stray puppies found when a rescuer carried out TNR back in May 2018. She was 3 months old at the time and had severe skin disease because of the harsh environment. Thankfully, the rescuer was able to get them all out of there and to the vet for a full check-up. In addition to ensuring the puppies received proper medical treatment, the rescuer stepped in and arranged foster homes for the dogs, and sought adoption opportunities for them in the meantime.


Yuri is a 10.5 months-old beauty with a pleasant personality. She is fully grown and on the smaller side of medium-sized. Yuri is very affectionate and cuddly toward familiar faces, and is not afraid of male strangers. Under the loving care of her foster families, Yuri made great stride in health and basic training. She learned to walk on leash properly and loves to play with other dogs, and did not develop food aggression to both human or dogs. Even though Yuri is as active as a young puppy would be, she follows commands well and gets along superbly with children, dogs and cats! She is mostly house-trained, and up-to-date with all shots. Let us know if you are ready to provide Yuri the warm and loving home she deserves!