Yulia *Adopted*

【Age】1.5 years old

  (As of October 2019)
【Weight】14.5 kg

Yulia was a stray captured by the city and sent to the shelter. Due to overpopulation situation in the shelter, Yulia was one of the dogs on the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) list, where she will continue living on the street without the help from shelter to help her find a family to cuddle with. A volunteer saw how friendly and affectionate Yulia is and she couldn’t let Yulia to live on the street again, so she took Yulia home to foster her with the intention in finding her a perfect family to have a second chance in life!

Yulia is possibly a German Shepherd/Formosan mix. Yulia looks like a petite German Shepherd with a thinner coat and she weighs only 32lbs, about fully grown! Yulia is a playful, active, friendly and confident girl. She looooves people and looooves to ask for pets, including from children and strangers. Yulia loves to cuddle that she will even cuddle with strangers! Yulia is curious about everything and she checks out everything during her walks. Yulia is great with people and very playful with dogs. Yulia can be very playful with children as well and she also knows to sit still when you ask her to. Yulia is still learning house-training, but she knows to sit and shake hands. Yulia is very food-motivated, although she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs, she usually gulfs down her food very quickly and she will need more training in this area. Although she is 1.5 years old, she is still at the teething stage that she will need many toys for her to chew on. Yulia will be more suitable with a family with an active lifestyle where she will be a perfect companion for outdoor adventures!