【Age】5 months

  (Est. Born on September 1, 2019)


【Weight】6.5 kg


Yuki and her siblings were abandoned stray puppies. Yuki’s leg was hurt by a hunting trap, and had to be amputated. Originally the other 5 puppies would go through a trap- neuter-release (TNR) procedure and be released at the same spot they were found, but soon rescuers noticed that they were getting beaten in the head, and quickly took them away to be placed with fosters instead. Since this troubling ordeal, the puppies are all now under great care and waiting to join new families – and be loved forever!


Yuki is a happy, intelligent, active girl, but usually needs some time before warming up to new friends or humans. Once she knows you mean her know harm, this girl will open up and really show her lovely personality. She’s easily startled by sudden movements, so she should be approached gently and calmly. Yuki plays well with other dogs, and never guards her food against anyone. She’s currently undergoing house-training, but knows to do her business outside. She still doesn’t like being home by herself, so she will need further training in this aspect. Yuki’s leg was hurt by an animal trap during her stray days, and sadly had to be removed. She’s still learning how to navigate this world as a tripod, and will definitely grow into a sweet, confident girl with love, patience and guidance!