【Age】1 year & 6 Months
  (Est. Born in March 2019)
【Weight】16 kg

>> Background History <<

Wylie was found when he was about two months old by a riverside. The rescuer saw him and took him into her care, with the intention in finding him a loving home. However, being a black mix breed dog, Wylie doesn’t have much luck, so the rescuer reached out to our volunteer to help. Wylie has passed all assessments and ready to join his forever loving home!

>> Temperament <<

Wylie is a sweet and loyal boy who loves to stick around his humans. When being in a new environment, he will need some time to adjust, but once he warms up, he is a playful and affectionate companion. Wylie is food-motivated, so yummy treats will be the easiest way to earn his trust. Wylie is friendly and gentle with children. He is also friendly and gentle with cats that he can stay calmly next to a cat. Wylie enjoys playing with other dogs, running in a park and outdoor activities. Wylie loves food and everything edible. He doesn’t guard his food against people. but sometimes guards his food against other dogs. Wylie is housetrained, but being in a new environment, accidents in the house is expected. Wylie is a Formosan mix and fully grown in size.