Woody *Adopted*


【Age】About 1 year old

(as of March 2018)




Woody is a quiet and calm boy who rather likes making friends with humans and dogs! He does not get scared when strangers approach him, and would gladly allow them to pet him despite meeting for the first time. Woody is not vocal and does not bark at anyone randomly. This is especially important during visits to the vet – Woody behaves superbly during his health check-ups, never once tried to run away from needles or the doctor!


In addition, Woody is great on a leash when out on a walk. In down time, he is happy just lying down on all fours next to your legs. Beware, however, that Woody is an excellent sportsman, and can easily jump over high obstacles. At his foster home, one of his favourite activities is to jump over the fence so he could play with his friends next door! Woody does not guard his food, and would happily share what he has with his friends! He is currently medium-sized, and will likely grow a little more toward the larger end of a medium dog. His trademark Formosan Mountain dog mix coat will stay short all year round, and will be easy to maintain. Let us know if you’re interested in bringing home this lovable boy!


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British Columbia, Canada

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