Winston *Adopted*


【Age】8 months old

  (As of December 2018)


【Weight】15.3 kg


Winston and his brother Newton were found along with their littermates in the bushes near a busy overpass when they were about 3 months old. Rescuers suspected they were abandoned there on purpose. Winston and Newton are super friendly with people, and especially love being with other dog friends. They are ok around children and not scared of strangers (even male strangers). They have no food aggression toward anyone.


Winston tends to stick close to his human, especially when he’s in a new environment or meeting a new friend. He is great on a leash, as he follows the handler’s speed and stays close. He doesn’t get carsickness, but usually rushes to jump off the car once the door opens. Winston has been trained to go on a peepad at home and is quite good at learning his designated toilet spot, but he’s also house-trained and does his no. 2 outside. He’s got great sleeping habits, and tends to stay within the boundary set for him. For instance, if you put him on a small blanket, he would rearrange himself so that he’s always on the blanket and not over the edge. He’s still going through the chewing stage and likes to go for tissues, cardboard boxes and fabric, and will need more guidance and patience in helping him get through this stage. This darling cute baby is ready to find a family to be with furever, and one that he could grow up and grow old with! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.