Wilson  *Adopted*

【Age】About 10 months old 

(as of January 2018) 
【Weight】18 kg 

This boy really has this wanderer look to him, with his disheveled hair moving in the wind and his looking far into the distance. Growing up in the mountains, Wilson longed for human companionship, and he would run after the people who fed him for about 1 km everyday as they were leaving. Soon, rescuers were convinced that Wilson would make a great canine addition to a loving home, and after a month with trainers he’s been placed with a foster ever since. Wilson loves the homelife, especially being able to cuddle up to humans and being in their presence. He is friendly toward strangers, and although takes a few moments to familiarize himself with new dogs he is able to quickly befriend and play with them. 


Wilson is very friendly, outgoing, and does not have a tendency to guard his food against humans or dogs. As a Formosan Mountain Dog mix, his coat is slightly longer, but should be quite easy to maintain. Wilson is neutered and up-to-date with his shots, and is ready to settle into a permanent home. We have no doubt that Wilson would be loyal and affectionate to those he considers family! 

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British Columbia, Canada

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