Wilbert  *Adopted*

【Age】11 months old

  (Est. born on Nov 7. 2018)
【Weight】17.5 kg

Wilbert is a shy but goofy little guy who loves pets and staying close to his human when he trusts them. He is timid around strangers and he will let out low growls to show he is a big guy, but he is just a scaredy cat that he will run away immediately if a stranger try to approach him. Wilbert is great with dogs of all sizes and loves playing with them, including puppies who keeps going to his face and new paw friends meeting for the first time! He also knows to keep a distance if the other dog doesn't want to interact with him. With another dog at home, it will definitely helps Wilbert to learn to be more confident! Wilbert is also great with cats that he can stay next to a cat quietly. He loves food and he will sit and wait for you to offer food to him. Wilbert won't snatch your food, even when it's just right next to him. Wilbert is really calm at home and will chill quietly by himself. He is house-trained and although he walks well on the leash most of the time, if he sees anything distracting or when he is eager to show you the way home, he’ll pull a bit so training is still needed! Wilbert is skittish with sudden movements, especially strangers with sudden movements and also skittish with the sound of the traffic that he will need more training to let him know that he is safe and nothing to be sacred of. Wilbert will not be suitable with households with young kids as young kids are unpredictable for him. Wilbert is well-behaved when staying at home alone and he doesn't chew on anything except for his toys. He also knows the command 'sit' 'wait' and 'shake'! Wilbert recognize his current name and has a great recall. Wilbert is a calm and loving boy, but he needs a dog-experienced family who can be patient with him for him to open up and build up his confidence in this scary world.