【Age】About 6 years old

  (as of Dec. 2018)
【Weight】20 kg

Wendy was dumped at the shelter by her previous owner because of her broken spine. After she was rescued the vet thoroughly examined her condition, but sadly her spine is beyond repair, and even surgery would not restore her to her former health. Despite such tragedy, this sweet angel is incredibly people-friendly, and loves nothing but snuggling up to humans to get a nice petting. Her favourite place is the park, where she gets to make friends with both adults and children and run around as she wished. Wendy also enjoys befriending other dogs and cats, and is generally a very sociable girl!

Wendy is about 6 years old and weighing 20kg. She will need help with urinating, but has no problem defecating on her own. Because of her lovely personality, rescuers decided to bring her out of the shelter in order to give her a loving home and a much deserved second chance in life. Apply or inquire Second Chance In Life Foundation today to find out more about becoming Wendy’s lifelong companion and best friend!


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British Columbia, Canada

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