Vini    *Adopted*

【Age】4 months old

  (As of February 2019)
【Weight】3 kg

Vini and Vava are small-sized terrier mix. They were both rescued from a shelter. They were discovered by a volunteer who went into the shelter to take pictures for the dogs and saw these two girls in a cage. It was Christmas day and they didn't want to leave these dogs in the shelter, so she took them home with the intention to find them permanent loving homes!

Vini is friendly to people, including strangers. She loves to cuddle and loves to be hugged. She also loves to play with other dogs. Vini loves to eat and is not food aggressive, but she engulfs her food very fast. Vini is a quiet girl at home, but she doesn’t like to be in a crate and she will bark when she is in the crate. Vivi loves to play with her toys quietly alone and knows to go potty on the training pads indoor. Vini good in car rides! Vini loves to snuggle with people and loves to run on the grass outdoor.