Vava  *Adopted*

【Age】4 months old

  (As of February 2019)
【Weight】4.6 kg

Vava and Vini are small-sized terrier mix. They were both rescued from a shelter. They were discovered by a volunteer who went into the shelter to take pictures for the dogs and saw these two girls in a cage. It was Christmas day and they didn't want to leave these dogs in the shelter, so she took them home with the intention to find them permanent loving homes!

Vava is friendly to people and dogs. She loves to cuddle and loves to be held, but still needs time to build up her trust first. She's a bit more insecure in the beginning, but she will be ok with she knows she is in a safe environment. Like her sister, Vava does not like to be in a crate and she will bark when she is in the crate. She is a bit afraid of strangers, so she'll stay away and observe from a distance. When she feels safe, she will approach the strangers for a good sniff. Vava warms up faster when it comes to females, so it'll take a bit of time and patience for males to get close. She's a great little guard dog who'll bark if strangers come into the house but she will stop when you tell her NO. Vava is a smart girl who knows to sit for food. She is food-motivated which will comes in handy for training. Vava eats very fast and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs. Vava loves to cuddle with people and loves to run on the grass outdoor. Vava has a great recall and knows to stay close to people she trusts.