Uno *Adopted*


【Age】Estimated 3.5 years old

  (As of July 2018)


【Weight】4.1 kg


Uno is a small-sized Terrier mix, rescued from a shelter in Taiwan. Originally, the rescuer went to the shelter for another dog, and saw Uno and her sister by chance. Seeing both of them were so happy and friendly to see humans, the rescuer wanted to take both of them out of the shelter and help them find their loving homes. However, at that time, the rescuer has over forty rescued dogs at home and unable to foster more dogs. A month later, the rescuer went back to the same shelter and she saw Uno stood at the same spot alone in the shelter without the smile on her face. The rescuer brought Uno home right away and foster her until now that she is ready to join her own forever family!


Uno loves human more than dogs or food. She loves to cuddle with her human and follow them everywhere, but not too interested to play with other dogs. Although she does not guard her food and happy to share her food with people, she does guard her food towards other dogs sometimes. Uno is also great with kids and very gentle with them. Seeing how Uno loves human, she will be best to be with a family with no other animals at home that she can get all the love and attention from her family. Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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