【Age】6 months old

  (Born on May 25, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】9.5 kg  


The rescuer met Truda when she was walking her dog on her usual routine. Truda was only couple months old and she was cornered by a few strays, barking at her. The rescuer worried that Truda might be bullied by those strays, so she took her home to foster and now Truda is ready for her second chance in life!


Truda is good with other dogs and she will approach to sniff and befriend with other dogs. She is curious and she will approach to sniff cats as well, and never aggressively. Truda is great with people she knew, affectionate and submissive, but with strangers, she will need some time to warm up to strangers. She prefers to observe strangers from a distance, but if the strangers approach her slowly and gently, she will let strangers to pet her as well. Truda also takes time to warm up to children as well, but if the children approach her slowly and gently, she will let children to pet her and walk her. Truda loves outdoor activities and she is a swimmer! Truda is treat-motivated which will comes in handy for training and to approach strangers. She doesn’t guard her food/treats against people, but she sometimes let out a low growl when other dogs approach her when she’s having treats. Truda prefers to do her business outdoors and she also knows to use training pads indoor. She loves to go for running and walking that she will sit still for you to put up her harness by the door!