Tina *Adopted*


【Age】7 months old

  (As of November 2018)


【Weight】11 kg


Tina was found shivering and crying in some bushes near a small town – she was severely dehydrated and malnourished. Neighbours said previously she was roaming the neighbourhood with her mom, but the mother died a few days ago from a car accident. Rescuers rushed Tina to the vet, who said she probably went without any food for at least 3 days and would have died if rescuers didn’t get to her in time.


Despite this unfortunate beginning, Tina never lost her love and trust in human, and her wish for companionship. Tina is food-motivated and tends to gobble down her food too quickly, so a slow-feeding bowl might teach her to slow down. She doesn’t guard her food, however. Tina has a bubbly and gentle nature. She is always happy when she’s around her humans and very easily satisfied (treats, treats and more treats!). She also makes an excellent snuggle partner, so this will come in handy in the winter time! Tina is good with cats and strangers, and loves to sniff and be curious of her surrounding when she’s out on a walk. She is most likely a Formosan x Beagle mix, as her cute droopy ears shows. This girl has tons of love to give! Let us know if you want to reciprocate her love and give this sweetheart a loving, forever home! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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