Tasha    *Adopted*


【Age】8.5 months old

  (As of Jan 2019)


【Weight】10 kg


Tasha was found on the mountain in October 2018. She was very clean and she came up to anyone that came close to her, wagging her tail like crazy to show how happy she was. The rescuer brought her to the vet and there were to microchip nor tattoo. Clearly, Tasha was abandoned on the mountain.


Tasha is on the smaller side of medium-sized and she has mostly fully grown to her adult-size. She is outgoing and not afraid of both male and female strangers! She was placed in the foster home with kids after she was rescued and proven to be very great with kids that she also loves to play with them. Tasha also loves to make new dog friends and playful with her pals. She likes yummy treats and she doesn’t guard her food against people or other dogs. Tasha is mostly housetrained and is overall a great little girl!