Tappi  *Adopted*


【Age】6 months old

  (Est. born on May 12, 2019) 


【Weight】11.3 kg  


Tappi was found abandoned in a cardboard box near a temple. The rescuer doesn’t have the heart to leave her there after seeing her, so she took her in to foster her with the intention in finding her a permanent loving home!


Tappi loves dogs and she gets along well with dogs of all sizes and ages, including new doggie friends that she just met. She will bark at the cat to initial play and most cats will be annoyed by her. Tappi will be nervous when meeting strangers, but she will still let the strangers pet her as long as they approach her slowly and gently. Tappi is great with children and she warms up to children strangers faster than adults strangers. Tappi is very food-motived which will comes in handy for training and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs. Tappi is almost house-trained that she will hold as long as she can to go outdoor for potty. Remember in a new environment, re-training is sometimes needed. Tappi can play with her toys quietly at home alone and she can be active with outdoor adventures as well!