【Age】8 months
  (Est. born in January 2020)
【Weight】12 kg

Sweetie was rescued in February 2020 near a market by a volunteer. Sweetie was a stray in the area and friendly with everyone passing by. She definitely knows to use her cuteness to ask for food! A volunteer decided to bring Sweetie into her care, with the intention in finding Sweetie a permanent loving home! After a few months in the foster care, it is now Sweetie’s turn to look for her forever family.


Sweetie is really a sweetheart with a bubbly temperament. She is a playful, active and outgoing girl. She loves people and loves to interact with people, including strangers she just met. Sweetie is very affectionate and snuggly who loves to give kisses and leaning against people. She is great with children, very friendly and very playful. Sweetie is great with dogs she knows and loves to play with them. When meeting new dogs, she will bark to get their attention and once they get close, she will wag her tail and inviting another dog to play. Sweetie is great with cats, though sometimes she will get curious and want to get close to sniff. Sweetie is in the process of learning housetraining, so accidents in the house is expected. Sweetie loves food, knows to sit and wait for treats, and she is not food aggressive towards people nor other dogs. Sweetie loves to run around in the park during the day and snuggle on the couch at night with her human. She will jump on the couch to cuddle with you as soon as you sit on the couch! Sweetie enjoys outdoor activities very much and she is looking for an active family to go on adventures! Sweetie is a Formosan mix, expected to grow to be on the smaller size of medium-sized, possibly around 35lbs-40lbs when fully grown.