Suzanne *Adopted*


【Age】About 6 months old

(As of July 2018)


【Weight】9.5 kg


Suzanne was found when she was only a month old, lying to the side of a country road in southern Taiwan. She had a large bump in the abdominal area, and seemed to have been hit by a car. Rescuers immediately took her to the vet for X-ray and ultrasound exams; luckily, she didn’t break any leg and only suffered minor surface wounds. The vet explained that the bump is mostly the accumulation of tissue fluid that secreted after she got hurt, but will gradually disappear as she starts eating healthy food and taking in the necessary nutrients.


Suzanne is a very happy dog by nature, and very active! She can keep herself entertained by playing with a stick of even just a leaf! She is incredibly friendly to adults, children and other dogs, but not so interested in cats. She loves chasing after other dogs during play time, and loves to snuggle up to you for a good belly rub! She also likes giving kisses! Suzanne has started receiving basic training, and knows to sit down and wait for her turn when it comes to meal time. She is currently in the phase of losing her puppy teeth and growing new adult teeth, so has the tendency to want to nibble on things to fight that discomfort. Suzanne would be the perfect buddy to do all your favourite outdoor activities with this summer! Let us know if you want to bring this cheery bundle of joy home!

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