Sunshine *Adopted*

【Age】2 years old 
  (Est. born in October 2016)
【Weight】19 kg

The story about Sunshine started off as a Fb post that someone has posted about a seriously injured dog somewhere on the mountain. The rescuer hurried there to find Sunshine and found him covered by fleas and ticks with multiple wounds on the skin. When Sunshine saw the rescuer, he wagged his tail happily and approached with a limping, awkwardly angled left front paw. People in the area said that Sunshine was most likely one of the many dogs that got abandoned near the mountains. Although there are kind-hearted people who often feed her leftover food, there are also people who hate strays and thus, causing the broken front leg. The rescuer took Sunshine to the vet and after over a month of treatment, Sunshine has fully recovered from the fractured paw and wounds on the skin.

Sunshine is super friendly toward both people and dogs. He is even ok with cats! Sunshine is very playful with dogs and loves to befriend with everyone. Sunshine is not afraid of loud noise, raining nor thundering. He is very food-motivated, and he finishes his food very fast, but he never guards his food towards people or other dogs. Sunshine will benefit tremendously from some basic puppy etiquette lessons, as he still needs training on walking on leash without pulling and chewing on things other than his toys.

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British Columbia, Canada

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