Sunny *Adopted*


【Age】8 months old

  (Est. born on Aug 1, 2018)


【Weight】12.8 kg


Sunny was about 2 months old when she was found on the street. She had fainted because she was too malnourished and was lying there on the street helpless. People passed by and didn’t even lend a hand to help the poor girl. Luckily, her rescuer was on her way home from work when he saw Sunny. He took her home and cared for her but with 8 dogs in his own home, he isn’t able to keep caring for Sunny, so he reached out for help.


Sunny is a shy girl who needs a family with patient to give her the time and patience to open up. She’s friendly and playful but this is after she warms up. Sunny is playful with other dogs when she warms up to them as well. Sunny is ok with kids and cats. She loves food and she doesn’t guard her food against people, but she will growl at other dogs if they come near as she eats. Sunny is quiet at home that she will play with her toys quietly alone, but she can be active outdoor as well when she warms up. Sunny goes outside for potty and she is house-trained.