Stan  *Adopted*


【Age】5 months old

  (Born on Nov 7, 2018 (est.))


【Weight】13 kg


Stan's mom has been on the streets for a long time, and because she’s been a stray for so long, she is feral, not friendly to people and would often run away when she sees people. She hides in a pipe near a busy street and the environment is of course unsanitary. Some of her pups ended up dying of sickness or getting hit by cars. People around the area would leave food out for them but the love mom was worried they might get hit by cars, so she decided to take the remaining pups into her care.


Stan is great with dogs and ok with cats. He doesn’t initiate, but once the other dog shows him kindness Stan would open up and play well together. He is a little scared of strangers, but is ok if the stranger approaches slowly and gently. He does better with kids and can be petted without any issue. Stan has no food aggression toward dogs nor people. He is the quieter type at home, and he can be active outdoors as well. He loves food but he won’t rushes to get it. Stan is still being house-trained at this point, and will need to continue with training once he’s with his new family. Stan is expected to grow into medium-sized in his adulthood. He is current with all shots and is ready to join his new furever home!