Sonia *Adopted*


【Age】4.5 months old

  (Est. born on Nov 7, 2018)


【Weight】8.6 kg


Sonia's mom has been wandering the streets for a long time and because she was a stray for so long, she is feral, not friendly to people and will often run away when she sees people. She hides away in a pipe near a busy street and the environment there is not clean. Some of her pups end up either dying of sickness or getting hit by cars. People around the area would leave food out for them but the love mom there is still worried they might get hit by cars, so ended up taking them back into her care.

Sonia is friendly, loving and very affectionate to people she knows. Although she is a bit shy of strangers that she might step back when strangers approach her, with food, she has no problems approaching strangers herself. She's great with other dogs and she will play bark to invite other dogs to play with her. Sonia loves food and she is not food aggressive to people nor other dogs. Sonia is great with kids and gentle around them. She is ok with cats that she will approach to sniff and get to know them; if the cat is not interest to get close, Sonia will stay away herself. Sonia will be a great companion for outdoor activities or snuggling on the couch!