Gentle Oatmeal is looking for her SecondChanceinLife!


【Age】~4 years


【Weight】20 kg


Gentle Oatmeal is a Golden retriever sized Formosan Taiwanese Dog mix who loves everyone; dogs, people, kids, you name it! She’s especially sociable with other dogs. She might be hesitant to strangers at first, but she warms up to people very quickly.

Oatmeal is now a happy and passionate dog, but she had a heart-breaking past. Oatmeal was found on the street when she was 5-6 months old, with a broken mouth. She was wondering around, unable to close her mouth and unable to eat or drink. Fortunately, after Oatmeal was rushed to surgery, she has healed well and can eat and mostly drink normally. Because one side of her jaw joint was removed due to the injury, her jaw appears to be slightly slanted.

Oatmeal does not bark much; she only barks when she gets really excited to see someone she knows. Due to her terrible trauma in the past, she’s extremely fearful when someone holds a baseball-bat-like object walking towards her, or when someone fiercely grab her. Other than that, she loves (LOVES) hugs and cuddles. After all that she’s been through, she deserves all the hugs and kisses in the world!

Being a Formosan Taiwanese Dog mix, Oatmeal is short-haired and will shed only minimally. She can be either be active or fit into a somewhat sedimentary lifestyle.

Will you be the one giving Oatmeal her unlimited hugs and kisses?

Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation now to find out more about Oatmeal, and how you can give the her a well-deserved Second Chance in Life!

-> Find out our process to adopt


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-> Wikipedia page about Formosan Taiwanese Dog


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