Cola - Waiting for a Home


【Age】8~9 month




Cola and her two other siblings were found before a windstorm in Taiwan. Someone threw them by the ocean hoping to get rid of them...(Apparently dogs with white paws "white socks" are neglected in Taiwan because it means they are "unlucky".)

THANKFULLY they were rescued by a Love Mama who is caring for all the strays in that area, but this Love Mama doesn't have enough money to keep taking care of all three pups... and is desperate to find a loving home for them!

However, after a while, still no one was willing to adopt them and they were released back to the place they were rescued. When the Love Mama finally found a foster family for them and returned to look for them, she could only find Cola.

Unfortunately Cola is the only one they can locate out of the 3 sisters. After the foster mothers diligent care, Cola is now healthy and full of energy. She's a submissive female and will go belly up to as for more if you want to pet her! The foster family she stays at has a 2 year old toddler, and Cola does extremely well with the child. She is also very sociable with other dogs that she also lives with 3 other rescues. To learn more of how Cola interacts with other dogs and people, check out her videos!

Cola is a Formosan Dog mix and is extremely smart, loyal and mild-mannered. Will you be Cola's forever companion? Contact us now and give her a well deserved Second Chance in Life!

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