A story of a selfless women

This is Wu Ling Ling. She is a very controversial Ai Shin mama. She takes care of approximately 200 dogs in a very small space within a very small community. EVERYBODY is suffering. The dogs are suffering. The people in the community are unhappy.

The government has threatened to confiscate these dogs but by the grace of God this did not happen because if this happened they would've killed not only all these dogs but they would've killed a woman who gave all her money and time and health and dignity, everything a person can possibly give, this woman gave to try and provide safety for just one more dog.

In their small house they slept on chairs because there was no space for a bed because there were dogs absolutely everywhere. Somebody donated land but we were not successful in finding money for the buildings. Wu Ling Ling stayed strong in her faith.

Please please any donation would be a big help!

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