Siblings in need for Love

This is Kano, siblings with Kamie and Kaico. He is the biggest in the litter. Kano is outgoing and full of energy. Loves to play a game of fetch. He'll bring the ball back to you with a big smile and the game will never end! He is a quick eater, so if you have other dogs in the house, make sure Kano doesn't finish their food!

Kaico is the smallest among her siblings. She is a little shy but loves to be around people and cuddle with you. She is friendly with cats, plays with dogs around her size and is currently getting more comfortable around bigger dogs. Kaico is waiting for a loving family that will shower her with lots of attention and love.

This is Kamie! Kaico's sister. Just like Kaico, Kamie loves being around people and animals. Although Kamie is still a little terrified of big dogs but she's slowly getting better! She is playful but may also forget to finish eating her food before being distracted by fun things around her. Now Kamie is waiting for a family to adopt her and love her forever!

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