【Age】10 months old

  ((Est.) Born in May 2019)


【Weight】16 kg


Simba was captured from the street and brought to the shelter in July 2019. He had a wound on his stomach and due to limited resources at the shelter, Simba didn’t have enough medical attention for the wound. A volunteer there posted his story online and his story was seen by a rescuer who then quickly went and got him out of the shelter! When the rescuer went to pick up Simba, she noticed he is not only wounded on the stomach, the fur on his head was very thin as well and when brought to the vet, they said it was due to bacterial infection. Because it wasn’t treated right away, it caused him to have thinner fur on his head and the vet said the fur might still grow back. Simba has been giving a clean bill of health by the vet and now he is ready to find his forever home!


Simba is a sweet Formosan mix, medium sized and he will weigh at about 40-45lbs when fully grown. Simba is very friendly to people, including strangers. He is also great and gentle with children. He loves to play with his doggie friends and will flip over sometimes when meeting new dogs. He is very affectionate with people he knows, and he will love them even more when they give him treats. Simba is a confident boy, though sometimes sudden movements or loud noises might startle him. He loves food and he doesn’t guard his food against people nor other dogs. Simba is housetrained and he also knows to use training pads when being indoor. Simba enjoys going for car rides and well-behaved during the rides. Simba is good with cats. He sometimes ignores the cats and sometimes curious about cats the he will want to sniff them gently. Simba loves outdoor adventures such as running, hiking or camping. He is looking forward to exploring this beautiful Vancouver with his loving family!