Shelly *Adopted*

【Name】 Shelly

【Age】 5 months old

  (Born on February 6, 2019(est.))

【Gender】 Female

【Weight】 8 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Spayed

Shelly and her 3 littermates were abandoned and found at a beach with heavy car and foot traffic. A tourist noticed the puppies running around avoiding cars and posted online for help. Thankfully, all puppies were rescued, and have been placed with their foster family to help prep them for adoption and a much deserved home life.


Shelly is the princess at home, a little stubborn but secretly a scaredy-cat. She normally needs some time to observe when meeting people and dogs for the first time, but opens herself up once she determines they are safe. She is great with kids and can be pet with no problem. She tends to eat too fast and often continues on to her brother Paul’s food once she’s done with her own. Shelly is a little curious about cats and she will go up to sniff, but not interested to chase nor in any aggressive way. Shelly walks well on a leash but appears more unsure when there is traffic that she will need to further build up her confidence. Shelly will grow to be medium-sized in her adulthood with medium-energy level that she can be active/playful outdoor or stays quietly at home. Like her brother, Shelly has no resistance to delicious treats!