【Age】4 months old

  (Born on August 26, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】6 kg  


Serena was captured from the streets and was taken to the shelter when she was less than a month old. A volunteer saw her and took her to her foster care, hoping to find her a home.


Serena is an energetic girl who loves playing with her doggie friends and will bark sometimes while playing. Serena is very affectionate and cuddly with people she trust. She’s great with people and even upon meeting strangers, she’ll let them pet her, but they will have to go low or she might get a little scared. With kids, she’s great and will jump around wanting to play with them. Serena is a little scared of loud sounds, so she’ll need some comforting to help her get better each day! She loves food and is not food aggressive towards people or dogs. Serena goes outside for potty but is easily distracted cuz she loves to play and explore. Serena is well-behaved during car-ride, but she gets car-sick sometimes, with time, she will learn to improve her balance in the car. Serena is well-behaved during bath time as well, though she is nervous with the sound of the hair-dryer, she will still sit and wait for the drying to be done. Serena will grow to be medium-sized in her adulthood and she can't wait to join her forever loving family!