Saya    *Adopted*

【Age】6.5 years old

  (Est. born in August 2012)
【Weight】14.5 kg

Saya was a stray wandering around a farmers market and was rescued in December 2012. When Saya came out looking for food, an elderly lady from one of the vendors always chased after her and hit her with cardboard boxes, wanting her to leave the market. A regular visitor couldn’t bear seeing Saya to suffer, so she took her home and has been trying to find Saya a permanent home, but with no luck. With the dog overpopulation issue in Taiwan, mix breeds have a very low chance of finding a home and strays on the street or in the shelter are mostly mix breeds. One of the volunteers from our organization saw Saya's post online 3 years ago and she took over Saya to foster and start to undergo socialization training, so she can have a better chance of finding a home aboard. 

Saya is very friendly and affectionate, even to strangers and she is not afraid to approach strangers either. She is good during car-ride and loves to go out to play. She is food-motivated and she will adjust faster in a new environment with food and treats. However, she loves to be with people more than being with other dogs and she is a little picky to choose her dog friends that she will need some time to fully warm up to new dog friends. Although Saya is 6.5 years old, she will still be a great partner to go for a 2-hour hike! She loves outdoor adventures and running around at the dog park.