【Age】Est. 5.5 months old

  (As of December 2019) 


【Weight】10 kg  


Sammi was rescued when he was about a couple months old from his irresponsible previous owner who just chained him outside of the house and fed him rotten food. A volunteer passed by and went to ask the owner if they no longer want to care for Sammi, if so, she will take over from there. With no surprise, Sammi comes into our care and now he is ready to find his forever home!


Sammi is possibly a Lab/Formosan mix and he will grow to be medium-sized about 35-45lbs in his adulthood. Sammi is friendly to people and ok with strangers that he will let strangers to pet him as well. Sammi loves children and he is gentle around children. He is great with other dogs and very playful with other dogs as well. He is a very smart boy that at this age, he is about housetrained already, but in a new environment, accidents in the house is expected. Sammi loves to play with toys and he is able to play with his toys quietly at home alone.