【Age】5.5 months

  (Est. Born in Feb, 2020)


【Weight】11.5 kg


A few months ago, a pup tumbled down the side of a mountain and was seen by a samaritan who quickly formed a rescue group to go see if there’s any more puppies in the mountain. They found more than 10 random puppies wandering around the mountain by themselves. They were quickly taken into foster care. Sam was one of them.


Sam is a playful  little boy who loves playing with his doggie pals and will observe new doggie friends before approaching them. He loves playing with people and will keep following you until you play with him. He’s good with kids and likes to play with them. Sam loves food and is not good aggressive forwards people and other dogs. He goes outside for potty, but as a puppy, accidents in the house is still expected. Sam doesn’t care much about cats and he ignores them most the the time. Sam is a Formosan mix and he is expected to grow to be on the larger side of medium sized, possibly around 45lbs-55lbs when fully grown.

Note: Arrives in Vancouver on July 23, 2020