【Age】About 11 months old

  (Est. born in August 2018)
【Weight】-- kg

Sally and her siblings were rescued from the street of Taiwan and adopted here in Vancouver with their respective families. Sally had a a few months of great time with her previous family, however, with a heavy heart, Sally is returned back to us due to her previous family can no longer take care of her. Sally is hoping to find her new family that she can shine again! (The below profile is written by her previous family word-by-word)


At just under 1 year old, Sally is a sweet, gentle and calm pup that can sometimes seem older than her age. She’s a pretty independent girl, so although she loves to cuddle, it’ll often happen on her time, not yours. At the park she loves to run around and play and is generally great with other dogs but as soon as she gets home she just loves to relax and sleep. 


Sally is fully potty trained, is fine to be left at home with free reign (other than the occasional plant nibbling) and sleeps through the night in her crate. Training has always been fairly easy with her; she’s smart and very food motivated so it doesn’t take her long to learn if you put in the time. So far, she knows sit, stay, come, lie down, look at me and leave it. 


Whether at home or off-leash at the park, she loves her people, so she likes to keep you in sight and come check in every now and again. She has always been great with people (both kids and adults) and although she tends to be a bit reserved at first, once she knows you she will quickly become over the moon to see you every time!