Ryder *Adopted*

【Age】3 years old

  (As of March 2019)
【Weight】24 kg

Ryder was one of the strays, living around a love mom’s usual feeding spot for over a year. Because of his loving and gentle nature, the love mom thought he will be a great family dog, so she brought him home and fostered him, hoping to find him a furever loving home he deserves.


Staying with the foster for half a year, Ryder proves that the love mom’s is completely right! Ryder has a very calm, gentle and affectionate temperament. He is very friendly to people and loves to snuggle with people. He is great with other dogs and seemed to be nervous around cats. Ryder also knows to be gentle with kids and he will be a perfect companion to grow with children. Ryder doesn’t guard his food against anyone nor any animals. Ryder is calm and quiet at home, but he can also be very active with outdoor activities such as long hikes or running! Ryder has fully grown to his adult size on the larger side of medium-sized with model-like long legs. If you are looking for a gentle and loving adult dog that has passed the chewing/teething stage, Ryder will definitely fit in your family!