【Age】4 months old

  (Born on September, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】8 kg


Royce and his eight littermates were born to a stray mother, and this is her third litter to date. The local homeless people under the bridge are quite abusive toward the strays and would pick them up and abandon them in different places. One of the homeless people even locked up the puppies to prevent the mom from feeding, and so the rescuer decided to take the mom and all her puppies back to be placed with fosters. All 10 dogs are healthy and under good care, and the puppies are now ready to find their permanent homes!


Goofy Royce is great with dogs and loves to play with them. He is great with the people and kids that he knows and enjoys giving kisses and getting hugs. Meeting strangers, he will still let them pet him but might be a bit shy and he will run away from bid/sudden movements. Royce loves food and he doesn't guard his food towards people nor other dogs. He is currently still learning potty training but is able to use the pee tray indoors. Royce is good in car rides and good during bath time. Royce is a bit scared of cats that he will whimper when cats walks close to him, he is slowly getting better though!