Roxie *Adopted*

【Age】6 months old

(as of February 2018)
【Weight】9.5 kg

Roxie is your typical puppy, whose busy daily schedule includes eating, sleeping, playing, and more playing! She's currently undergoing great socialization training, as her foster home has not only dogs but also a guinea pig. She's curious about the guinea pig (and his food), but doesn't get aggressive toward him at all. Roxie is also super intelligent, as she's the only one at the foster who knows how to open the door! Roxie is friendly toward both animals and humans. Roxie has a talent of befriending even the most introverted dog - it took her two months to gradually get close to and be able to play with a foster sibling that did not like being approached by any other dog or human!

Roxie doesn't guard her food, but invites herself to other animal's food from time to time. She is easily entertained by a bottle, a piece of fabric, or anything to chew on, but doesn't chew on or destroy furniture. She is also quiet, and only barks when other dogs start barking (peer pressure it seems!). Roxie will need to be gently guided and encouraged to learning more proper canine behaviours, but is already showing great potential to grow into a well-mannered lady! Roxie is up-to-date with her shots and spayed, and is ready to join her new family any time. She's looking forward to starting her lifelong adventures with her new humans!


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British Columbia, Canada

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