Rossie *Adopted*


【Age】6.5 month old

  (As of February 2019)


【Weight】10 kg


Rossie and Jack’s mother gave birth of them on the street. The mother dog and the wee puppies were reported and sent to the nearby shelter. The rescuer heard a few days later that one of their siblings had died from a stomach infection that was going around in the shelter, so she quickly rescued Jack, Rossie and the mom before their condition became critical. Jack and Rossie were infected as well and they stayed in the vet for a while where they were nursed back to health, and they are now healthy and active puppies thanks to the loving care of their love mom.


Rossie originally had a pure black coat, but now has a beautiful gold dust over the black. She’s a beautiful dog with delicate features. Rossie is friendly toward people and dog friends like her brother and will become even better with consistent training! She is the shyer one out of the two, and sometimes guards her food and toys from other dogs, but never from human. As she is still at such a young age, with further training, Rossie will definitely learn to be a modern dog citizen. Rossie also loves to run on the grass with her other dog friends and loves to go on adventures. She will be a great companion for outdoor activities and a great companion for exploring those beautiful trails in Vancouver!