Rosemary   *Adopted*


【Age】6 months old

  (Est. born on Oct 1, 2018)


【Weight】18.5 kg


Rosemary and her sibling, Ronnie were strays since they were young puppies. The vendors around the area left food for them all the time, although no one ever chased them away, no one planned to take them home either. Our volunteers met the siblings during one of their TNR missions. Seeing how friendly of the siblings to strangers and how they would just sit on the side, wagging their tails when someone passed by, hoping to have treats from the strangers, the volunteers felt that they should help the siblings to find real homes for them.


Rosemary is great and playful with other dogs. Rosemary is ok with cats, but she prefers to stay as far as possible away from cats. Rosemary is great with kids and very gentle with them. Rosemary is a gentle girl and she loves to snuggle with people she trusts. Rosemary is great with people especially that everyone with food are friends. She is ok with strangers, but big movement and sudden sound might startle her. Rosemary is very food motivated and she doesn’t guard her food/treats against people nor other dogs. She loves food and she would take any food/treats from strangers. Rosemary walks well on leash and she knows to potty outside that she will hold as long as she can to do her business outdoors.