Rohdie *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old

  (Born on June 30, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】8 kg  


A volunteer was driving when she saw a black little blub running towards her car and she quickly stopped. It was sweet little Rohdie who came up to her and once she got him into the car, Rohdie finished all the water given to him. Might have been becuase he was running for a long time and didn’t have any water to drink. 


Rohdie is a playful and friendly puppy who loves his doggie pals and knows to observe new dogs first before approaching them to play. Rohdie loves people and he loves to follow people round to find any chance he can ask for pets. He is good with strangers and he will look for people to play with. Rohdie is gentle with kids and he can be playful with them as well. Rohdie is quite an explorer that he's always curious about his surroundings. He loves food and he doesn’t protect his food against people nor other dogs. Rohdie goes outside for potty. He doesn’t care much about cats and he will leave them alone. Rohdie will grow to be medium-sized in his adulthood and he will be a perfect companion to jog, hike or go for camping!