Roger  *Adopted*

【Age】11 months old

  (As of August 2019)
【Weight】15 kg

Roger was found in a woods with his friend (or sibling?), Ricky. A rescuer was searching for another dog after a hit-and-run report, and she found both Roger and Ricky first. Roger was severely dehydrate, malnutrition and having blood stains at his anus area. The rescuer rushed to the vet and it turns out both of them are infected with Canine Parvovirus infection. After few months of treatment, Roger is fully recovered from the infection and completely healthy now that he is ready to find his furever home for a second chance in life!

Roger is great with other dogs and loves to play with his dog buddies, may it be running or rolling on the grass. When it comes to strangers, he is a little nervous and will keep his distance to observe first, but with food, he will approach and helps him to warm up faster! Roger is very food-motivated and will eat anything happily and quickly, including his medicines! He doesn't guard his food against people, but he will finish his food asap as other dogs approach his food bowl. Training in this area is definitely needed that if he knows he will never starve again, he will relax more! Roger needs a family who can be patient and help him build up his confidence, letting him know that he is safe. Roger plays rough sometimes, so he will be more suitable with household with no children or with teenagers over 15 years old that he won't accidentally knock over.