Roger    *Adopted*


【Age】6 months old

  (Born on Oct 20, 2018 (est.))


【Weight】14 kg


Roger was rescued from the streets when he was a wee puppy, and never really lived as a stray. He is friendly by nature, but takes his time to observe before getting close to new people or dogs. Once he learns they are friends, he’s just the nicest little buddy ever! One of his greatest weaknesses is zero resistance to yummy treats, so this is definitely a good way to get to know him! Roger is also friendly toward children, and he keeps his distance from cats.


Roger is friendly to other dogs and loves to play with other dogs. Roger is scared of cats and he will stay as far away as possible from the cats. Roger tends to observe strangers when he first met them. Once he knows that those strangers are friendly (especially if there are treats in their hands!), he will approach them for pettings, but if there are sudden or big movements, he will hide away. Roger is house-trained and is used to doing his business outside. He is a quiet but active and affectionate little fellow, and would do well with further basic training. Roger is ok with the sound of traffic, but he will be startled by sudden or loud sounds such as the siren or garbage trucks. Roger does not have food aggression toward humans, but sometimes guards his food against dogs that are smaller than him. Roger is now looking for his furever family to enjoy the beautiful life in Vancouver!