Rodney *Adopted*


【Age】5.5 months old

  (Est. born on Oct 10, 2018)


【Weight】11 kg


Rodney was abandoned on the streets by his previous owner and was then taken to a shelter by a passerby. Maybe it was fate that his rescuer then saw an online post about poor little Rodney and she quickly took him out of the shelter and taken him to her foster care with the intention to find him a furever loving home. 


Rodney tends to observe dogs that are bigger than him. If they bark at him, he'll run away but if they don't, he'll get close to them to play. With smaller dogs, he will approach and will want to play with them instantly. He's curious when it comes to cats and wants to play with anything that moves, but he will not chase them! Rodney is ok with strangers if they approach him gently and slowly, but if the strangers approach with big movement, he'll hide behind someone's legs and observe from there first. Loud or sudden movements/sounds will scare him and sometimes he'll let out a bark or two, but will stop when called. Rodney is still a little bit more scared when big trucks go by, but with training he will conquer it! He loves to eat and is not food aggressive to people nor other dogs. Rodney goes outside for potty and he also knows to use peepad inside the house. Rodney is great with kids that he loves to play with kids. He also loves to play with other dogs as much as he loves to play with his toys quietly alone. Rodney will be a great companion with outdoor activities during the day and a cuddler at night!