【Age】4 months old

  (As of January 2020) 


【Weight】12 kg


Reuben was probably born on the street, a volunteer found him under a cargo container when he was less than a month old. Reuben has grown into a friendly fellow, and he loves to play with others dogs. He likes being with his humans and is quite friendly to kids. Reuben usually needs some time to warm up to every strangers when he first met them, but he can be playful once he got to know them. Reuben takes time to observe cats from a distance in the beginning as well, and once he knows they are friendly, he is equally friendly to cats. Reuben is good with children, but he will stay away from loud/active children.


Reuben loves food, but he has no food aggression toward anyone or any dog. He’s learned to do his business outside, but knows to use the training pad at home as well. He likes company, and shows his active side in front of those he trusts. Reuben adapts to new environments quite easily, but he would benefit from puppy classes to help build that trust between him and his owner. Reuben is now ready to join a furever family to love and take care of him, and to begin his life adventures with!