Reese  *Adopted*


【Age】Est. 1 year old

  (Born on October 31, 2018 (est.)) 


【Weight】17 kg  


On a late night going home, a volunteer was driving when she saw Reese playing on the side of the road. The next day, the volunteer returned and after asking around, she was informed that Reese would drink dirty water and eat any leftovers she could find in the neighborhood. This kind and playful girl almost got hit by cars many times and so the rescuer decided to bring her home to foster until she’s now ready to start her second chance in life! 


Reese is a friendly gentle girl who loves playing with dogs and she will wait and let other dogs sniff her out before initiating play. She's great with people and not afraid of strangers, especially with food, as long as there is food, she won’t hesitate to approach strangers. Reese is gentle with kids and she can play with them once warmed up. Reese loves food and she doesn’t guard her food against hoomans nor other dogs. She'll even move aside for other dogs to have her food! Reese tugs a bit when walking on leash because she's a curious little pup and would want to sniff around. She will play with her toys quietly when you leave for work and will wait patiently for you to get home. Reese goes outside for potty and will use the peepad at home. She's gentle with cats and doesn't mind getting smacked in the head by cats. Strangely, she also likes to have cats walking around her! Reese is medium-sized and fully grown already. She is a gentle and loving girl who hopes to find her own loving home soon!